Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. Quality represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

Cedar Decks

Noted for its exceptional weatherability, it is one of few woods that contain natural oils that retard decay and repel insects and fungus. Its highly uniform cell structure gives it low shrinking and swelling characteristics, great workability and outstanding dimensional stability for years of service. A cedar deck designed and built by us gives you peace of mind and will enhance your life style in your back yard. Each deck is designed around specific customer requirements and needs implementing the style of house and the beauty of the landscape.

Composite Decking

What is Composite Decking? Plastic and wood fibers are mixed together and melted to create a decking material. The best composites are those manufactured with fine wood sawdust so that the plastic can protect (encapsulate) each fiber. Composite combines the best features of each material; plastic keeps moisture out of the wood, and wood helps control the contraction and expansion of the plastic. Composite Decking never needs painting, staining or sealing. It will never warp, split, rot or peel. It is splinter free and in most cases slip resistant.

We offer and install quality composites such as Deckorators 25yrs. warranty, Timberlast 15yrs. warranty, Evergrain 10yrs. warranty, LifeLong 10yrs. warranty, Trex 10yrs. warranty, and others.

Hardwood Exotic Decks

When building a deck make sure to use a product that will add value and elegance to your home. Iron Wood (ipe) and Brazilian Redwood are some of the finest products available for exterior decking. Few decking materials combine the beauty of real wood with natural durability, strength, and easy maintenance. They are rated as some of the most durable woods in the world, lasting a lifetime.


Railings provide safety and glamor to a deck. They are of different types such as: Aluminum railings, Cedar railings and Composite railings.

Stone/Tile Decking

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